Laundry Facility Etiquette

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Jefferson Creek provides an on-site community laundry facilities accessible for all of our residents. To ensure yoursand your neighbor's laundry day experience goes as smooth as possible, please review the following:

  • Do not leave your clothes unattended. Other residents may be waiting to use the machines after you.
  • Remove all articles of clothing from the washer. No one wants pink clothes from a red sock that was left!
  • Do not insert any other coin into the change acceptor except for QUARTERS. Putting other currency or denominations may put the machine out of service.
  • For best results, use the washer and dryers in the normal cycle
  • Never OVERLOAD the machines!
  • Clean up after yourself everytime you are in the laundry facility. Please do not leave trash, unwanted garments or other items in the facility.

When we work together and are courteous to our neighbors, we can all experience the same enjoyment at their home and in our community.

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